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DBS staff share expertise in Kazakhstan

10 November 2016

Professor Gavin Reid, Head of DBS, together with Professor Reza Kouhy and Drs Nikolai Mouraviev and Anastasia Koulouri, will travel to the city of Almaty to lead (in collaboration with Narxoz University) a multinational research workshop, from November 14-18.

This aims to develop new ideas for managing innovation in Kazakhstan’s agricultural sector, and to foster diversification of its economy - ensuring its sustainable growth.

This is the second of two workshops run by DBS in this country – the first being in July - having secured approximately £100,000 funding from the British Council in order to sponsor research workshops and visits.

Professor Reid said: ‘The benefits of agricultural innovation are relevant to Scotland as well as to Kazakhstan, both of which aspire to high agricultural productivity, with the use of leading edge technology and modern business management techniques.

‘What DBS has done is to use our innovation management skills to identify the ‘top gun’ academics in the UK and Kazakhstan in the areas of energy security and innovation management in agriculture and to bring them together in Almaty to build a new future.’

The project lies within the framework of the Newton-Al Farabi partnership programme, and participants include around 20 British and Kazakh universities, led by the Abertay team.

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