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Graduation stories - off to a flying start in London!

20 July 2016

Andrew Jack large

Abertay graduate Andrew Jack is off to a flying start in his career after graduating this summer with his BA (Honours) degree in International Economics and Management. 

Andrew, who is from Kirkcaldy, is joining FTSE250 company Mitie as a facility manager looking after two primary schools in London, and can’t wait to get started on his training.

“I would like to think that I will be with Mitie for a long time, working my way up,” he says.  “Within the next ten years I may return to education and work towards a masters. Ultimately I would like to live and work in New York City, but that is a long time away. For now, I am excited to be a part of Mitie, and I couldn't have achieved this without everything I have accomplished while studying at Abertay University.”

Why did you choose Abertay?

“I chose to study at Abertay as the University was close to my home in Fife, but was also far enough away enough that I could become independent and grow academically. Dundee is a perfect city for a new student to move to as the charming streets bustle with energy. There is a large number of activities and clubs to join and a great number of places to socialise. 

“Initially, I enrolled to study International Management, but in my second year economics was added in to give the course a more complex and interesting nature. I chose to study this, as I want to for work for a multinational organisation within a global context.

“My course offered no placements but, instead, a very interesting economics module which influenced the foundation of my dissertation. I chose to investigate the effects of aid projects on the development of Malawi – the poorest documented country in the world according to the World Data Bank (2016.) As my project was formed around an extensive literature review, the dissertation was comprised of secondary data. Due to time and cost restraints, I was unable to do any first-hand research in Malawi but plan to visit the country in the foreseeable future. 

“Briefly, the outcome of my investigation was that aid projects can help the growth of the economy in Malawi but, in the past, aid projects have not been incorporated effectively or efficiently, and this has hindered the growth of the economy. It can be concluded that alterations in the way in which aid is delivered should be made to truly help the country. 

“In consequence of the student life offered by Abertay University, I was able to harvest opportunities throughout the four years which would help to establish my CV. After I completed my first year, I volunteered in a primate sanctuary in South Africa for the summer. After second year I worked as a camp counsellor in Wisconsin and was able to backpack North America through Camp America. Through the ERASMUS programme, I completed the first semester of my third year in Dortmund, Germany. There have been a wide variety of opportunities more locally, which Abertay offers. For example, I was able to take a beginners class in Mandarin and take part in accounting programmes. 

“For me; the best part of my course has been the diversity I have been faced with through my studies. Not only have I studied economics and management but I have also had modules in business law, accounting, and marketing.

“I have loved the support I have received at Abertay in both my academic and my personal life. The lecturers and the library staff cannot help students enough and will be there for students, simply when asked.

“Throughout my four years, I feel that in particular Shona Grogan and Greg Bremner have given me nothing but encouragement and motivation and have been there for me. 

“There are many lecturers I have had that have been the reason I have loved my course so much, but I can not individually name them all. In saying that, it is noteworthy that Helen Smith is always an email away and is constantly promoting opportunities for students. The support she issues along with her coursework and exams is comforting. Pat Sedakat is an inspirational lecturer and can deliver her topics in a truly exciting manner. I don't know anybody who was ever bored in any of her classes, and the lessons she has taught will stay with me forever.

“A student at Abertay is appreciated. It is obvious that staff truly care about each student, and they aim to make life as easy as possible by being there as much as they can. For that, I am thankful to each and every lecturer who has taught me over the past four years.

“This is why, along with the night-life and the friends that you will make in the city as well as the great number of available jobs in the centre, I would recommend Abertay University to anybody thinking of applying for higher education. I have had the best years of my life, and have a solid future to look forward to as a result.”

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