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Oranges to sweeten Dundee shopping experience

10 May 2016

As part of Ignite Dundee, the city’s month-long festival of creativity, visitors to the Wellgate will have their senses stimulated by the sweet scent of citrus if they step inside Unit V from Thursday (12 May).

The vacant shopping unit has been converted into a pop-up exhibition space for the festival, and the sweet smell of citrus is part of the visual and textural art installation and contemporary dance performance ‘Anna with Orange’.

It has been created by Abertay’s resident neuroscientist and choreographer Dr Corinne Jola, who lectures in psychology at the University.

She explains what it's all about:

“The installation is inspired by the meanings of oranges, which have political, social and religious relevance throughout history. They are of course a delicious fruit, giving joy, providing a refreshing exotic taste – but they are also objects of conflict, often referred to as a fruit of promise. They also represent life in all its facets: like oranges, one has to have a thick skin to combat life’s struggles. So the event will embody the bitter-sweet nature of life – of joy and hardship, and of power and seduction from a feminine perspective.”

Of course, oranges also have strong local significance.

Dr Jola continues:

“One connection with Dundee goes back to the late 18th century. As the story goes, a Spanish ship took refuge from a heavy storm in Dundee Harbour, with a cargo of oranges. These were bought by the courageous merchant, Keillor, just to find that they were too bitter to consume.

“Dundee, the City of Many Discoveries, has innovation at its core, and Janet Keillor, the merchant’s wife, used the oranges to create what was to become the well-known Dundee marmalade. We hope that the event will give shoppers in the Wellgate a new experience – and hopefully open up their senses and give inspiration, supporting the spark of innovation.”

The 20 minute dance performances will take place on Thursday 12 May (4.30pm), Saturday 14 May (10.30am, 1pm, 3pm) and on Sunday (1.30pm, 3pm). Any oranges which are still fit for consumption will be given away for free after the last performance on Sunday.

The set has been designed by Ana Ines-Jabares Pit, the role of Anna will be played by Madira Gregurek, the music has been written by Nahum and the costumes designed by Jill Skulina. The oranges have been kindly donated by Tesco Metro on Murraygate.

#ignitedundee celebrates the amazing range of culture and creativity the city has to offer, including degree shows, exhibitions, talks, workshops and open studios.

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