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Graduation stories – from games to financial services

16 December 2015

Aidan Temple graduation

Aidan Temple was recruited by a prestigious financial services company in Edinburgh, and now works developing software for major international banks and investors.

He studied the postgraduate Professional Masters in Game Development, which gave him experience of working directly with games companies.

We caught up with Aidan recently to hear about his career – and his advice for new students.

What’s your current job, and what does it involve?

“I currently work as an Analyst Programmer for Multrees Investor Services who are based in Edinburgh city centre.

“As part of this role I am responsible for the design and development of financial software utilised by banks and financial investment firms. This is achieved by working alongside a team consisting of many different skillsets including design, engineering and economics.”

How did Abertay help prepare you for this role?

“Abertay helped me achieve this role by helping to enhance my skillset through a series of software engineer modules which were delivered by those who have real-world games industry experience, which many university lecturers do not have.”

Were there any projects at Abertay that particularly helped you stand out?

“While I was at Abertay I studied for my professional masters in computer games development. As part of this course students are tasked with working as a large development team to help simulate the environment of a games studio and to produce a project.

“For this project the team had to pitch game ideas to Sony and to develop the one that was deemed most appropriate for their flagship hardware, the PlayStation 4. This project gave me a greater insight into the development of computer games as part of a team consisting of 20 or more developers, artists, audio engineers and game designers.

“This project also allowed me to improve my core skills which lay in software engineering as well as improving my communication and team working abilities. As a result of this project I managed to achieve a distinction in my field of study which helped me stand out amongst others.”

What's been the best part about studying at Abertay?

“The best part of studying at Abertay is the people that you get the opportunity to meet. Abertay offers the opportunity for games development students to meet with industry professionals both from Scotland and further afield.

“This has allowed me to further my connections in the games industry and to gain a greater understanding of the opportunities available to those who have the skills. Abertay has also allowed me to create new friendships with people from all across the globe for which I am grateful.”

Do you have a message for students starting at Abertay this year?

“Make sure you have an interest in your area of study, don't waste your time on something you don't love or don't have a passion for. To help you realise this you can do some research online to see what is required of you and what you can achieve once you're qualified.

“No matter what your area of study is, having a basic understanding or experience in your chosen discipline prior to university can help you to succeed further both academically and professionally.”

For more information about Aidan’s course, please visit the Professional Masters in Game Development page.

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