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Student stories – a summer as Project Manager

12 October 2015

Conor Douglas

Conor Douglas worked this summer as a Project Manager within Edinburgh Airport, delivering a piece of work so important that many of the details are secret!

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What did your Saltire placement involve?

“My internship was titled 'Complex Build Programmes Intern' which didn't give me much to go on until I arrived at Edinburgh Airport. Upon arrival I found out that I was to work as a Project Manager. This meant that I was solely responsible for governing my own project.

“I had to liaise with other departments and arrange meetings with key stakeholders as well as plan and execute some trial runs of the project.

“I was working on improving a key service at the airport which is vital to the customer experience, but I can’t go into too much detail as most of the project is not public knowledge!”

How exciting was it to be part of such a busy workplace?

“Edinburgh Airport is the biggest business I have ever worked for. There are so many aspects to the airport that most people are not aware of.

“To work in such a busy place, whilst slightly daunting at first, was an invaluable experience and I loved every minute of it. The constant goings-on of a busy organisation like this meant that every day was interesting and that each day came with new challenges to overcome.”

Conor Douglas 2

What did you learn from the Saltire experience?

“During my Saltire Experience I learned to never be afraid to voice an idea. Coming into an organisation with a fresh set of eyes can give you a unique perspective; you may pick up on something that your colleagues have missed.”

Do you have any tips for students applying this year?

“I would encourage all students applying this year to do as much research on their host company as possible. This will help you to better understand the way they work and will also put you in a positive light with your bosses.

“I would also highly recommend that you take the time to enjoy your placement, after all it's not all about the work!”

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