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Graduation stories – special effects success

15 September 2015

Bryan Carr joined world-leading special effects company Double Negative, known for films including The Dark Knight Trilogy, after graduating from Abertay.

He studied BA (Hons) Computer Arts and already knew he was starting at Double Negative when he received his degree in July.

We caught up with Bryan recently to hear about his career – and his advice for new students who want to make it in the film or games industries.

What's your new job?

“I'm currently working as a Junior Technical Director at Double Negative, who are known for their work on movies such as Interstellar and The Dark Knight Trilogy. I started my work in the TV department around the beginning of August and I'm loving it.”

How does it feel to secure such an exciting position straight out of university?

“It feels fantastic. To work at such an esteemed company is an incredible opportunity to put what I have learnt so far at university into practice.

“Working alongside colleagues that are incredibly talented in their own right is a wonderful thing as I have the chance to learn from people who have been doing this for a lot longer than I have, and who possess many skills that I do not yet.

“Every so often I look around at where I work and it makes me smile knowing that I'm part of this team.”

How did Abertay help prepare you for this job?

“Abertay was brilliant as it fosters the idea of being able to learn independently – especially in the last few years – which is something that it is vital, especially in this industry as there is always something new to learn.

“There is also an excellent support structure in place consisting of talented lecturers and fellow students who are all willing to help you throughout the course when you run into difficulties.

“This is an incredibly useful thing when it comes to figuring out exactly what you want to do, as there are always people on hand to talk to about it. It was only in the last few years that I realised I wanted to go into visual effects as opposed to games, and it was lecturers commenting on the type of work I gravitated towards that made me notice this.”

What's your favourite memory of Abertay?

“I will always remember the people I met above anything else really. There was a lot of fun times had and I met some incredible artists and wonderful friends.”

Do you have a message for students starting university this year?

“When it comes to this industry, hard work definitely pays off. The more hours you put in, the better an artist you will become.

“That being said, don't work so hard it becomes unhealthy, remember to take some time off every once in a while.

“And above all else, enjoy your time at university. It goes by very quickly.”

To find out more about Bryan’s degree, please visit the BA (Hons) Computer Arts page.

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