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PlayStation developer tutorials created by Abertay students

3 February 2015

A team of Abertay University students have received PlayStation Vita handheld consoles as prizes for their work creating tutorials for the global company.

Ross Davies, Lorcan Henry, Lyle Millar and Peeter Parna documented their experiences working with PhyreEngine, Sony's game engine provided for free to PlayStation developers.

These tutorials have now been made available to all the students and developers working with PhyreEngine, which allows aspiring and professional game developers access to PlayStation’s multiple platforms.

Last year Abertay opened the largest Sony PlayStation teaching laboratory in Europe, giving students experience working with Sony development kits in a professional studio environment while still studying.

Dr Maria Stukoff, Head of PlayStation First, recently visited Abertay to see work being done in the teaching lab. To thank the students for their tutorials she awarded them each with a PlayStation Vita handheld console.

From left to right: Dr Maria Stukoff, Head of PlayStation First; students Ross Davies, Lorcan Henry, and Peeter Parna; and Abertay lecturer Grant Clarke

Richard Forster, Technical Manager at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, said: “Within the active PhyreEngine development community, the students from Abertay are the first to document their initial experiences of PhyreEngine for the benefit of existing and future users.

“PhyreEngine has been part of the toolset provided by PlayStation First for several years and has been well received by course coordinators due to its learning curve that reflects real world development. The tutorials donated by Abertay will enable even more students to gain more of this real world experience.”

Luke Savage, Academic Development Manager at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, added: “Through PlayStationFirst we're giving students access to professional tools so they can acquire real industry skills. Working on PhyreEngine is a great example of that.

“In the 12 years of PlayStation Network we've seen over 160 PhyreEngine titles released on our platforms. So if you're a student with PhyreEngine experience on your CV, that's a terrific calling card!”

Abertay University works closely with major games companies based in Scotland and all over the world, actively seeking feedback on its undergraduate and postgraduate degrees to continually improve the learning experience for students.


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