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Student stories – a summer in Texas

29 January 2015

Ben Parsons worked in Texas for the summer last year, with the support of the Saltire Foundation. Here he tells us more about his incredible experiences.

Applications to take part in the Saltire Summer Internships for 2015 close at 1pm on Tuesday 24 February.

For more information about the programme, and help applying, please contact Abertay’s Career Development Centre on

What did your internship involve?

I interned with a company in Texas called TAESL (Texas Aero Engine Services LLC), which is a joint venture between Rolls Royce and American Airlines. My internship involved working in TAESL’s finance and accounting departments where I shadowed and worked with members of these departments and helped them with their daily tasks.

During my internship I was also given several projects looking at different areas of business from a finance and accounting perspective. These projects ranged from the looking at the purchase of machinery, headcount of employees and the obsolescence of inventory.

How useful has this experience been?

This experience has definitely been very useful to me. The internship has also allowed me to improve my knowledge of my chosen subject as I have now seen what I am learning at university in practice.

It has also allowed me to learn and expand my skills while working for a real company. It has allowed me to gain valuable work experience, which will help me in the future and has helped to prepare for working in the business world.

What was it like to live in Texas for a summer?

Living in Texas during my internship was a great experience. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I left, but I had a great summer with my fellow interns. We did lots of different things at the weekends including taking trips to San Antonio and Houston, as well as visiting attractions around the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Attractions included AT&T stadium (home of the Dallas Cowboys), the George W Bush Presidential Library and the John F Kennedy memorial museum. We also had a chance to take in a baseball game in Dallas and visit NASA while we were in Houston.

The weather was also great apart from the odd thunderstorm. It was over 100 degrees Fahrenheit nearly every day and the food in Texas is brilliant, with lots of restaurants specialising in steaks, Tex-Mex and barbecue.

Would you encourage other students to apply?

I would definitely encourage other students to apply. It is a fantastic opportunity for students and allows you to gain experience within a company while at university, which is something that future employers are looking for.

The experience also allows you to develop yourself as a person and expand your skills. It will also allow you to become part of a great network of fellow Saltire scholars as part of the wider Saltire network.

For more information about the programme, and help applying, please contact Abertay’s Career Development Centre on

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