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Women’s History Scotland Conference to be held at Abertay

26 September 2014

After a sensational summer of sport, we are delighted to announce that this weekend Abertay University will be hosting the annual Women’s History Scotland Conference.

Falling fortuitously as the Ryder Cup gets into full swing, the event on Saturday (September 27) will this year address the theme of Gender, Fitness and Sport.

The aim is to gain an understanding of why women’s sport is the way it is today - the barriers that exist - by giving the situation some context with a look back at the history of women’s sport.

Eleven talented researchers will be presenting their work, and topics to be covered include the restrictions that were placed on girls’ exercise in the 19th and 20th Centuries, gender in gymnastics, and the introduction of sport into the school curriculum.

Professor Charlotte Macdonald from New Zealand will be giving the Sue Innes Memorial Lecture on the subject ‘Beautiful Bodies: Glasgow’s 1938 gift to women and to empire’.

Sue Innes was a prominent historian, writer, feminist activist, and co-editor of 'The Biographical Dictionary of Scottish Women'- a publication developed by members of women's history Scotland.

The annual memorial lecture serves to celebrate her life and her dedication to research into women's history in Scotland.

The event will close with a debate on the topic ‘Women’s Liberation Through Sport.’

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