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Could you be part of the ‘Face of Dundee’?

10 September 2014

Dr Chris Watkins

As part of the Dundee Science Festival, psychologists at Abertay University have got an unusual request: they would like you to ‘donate’ your face to science!

No matter whether you’ve got big ears like Will Smith, a pout worthy of Keira Knightly, or doe eyes like New Girl’s Zooey Deschanel, the scientists would like to hear from you.

They intend to find out what the ‘average’ Dundonian looks like, and to achieve this they need some willing volunteers - of all ages and backgrounds.

The team will be at Overgate Shopping Centre for two weekends in the middle of September, ready and waiting to take your picture.

The aim is to create a face made up of the eyes, ears, noses, lips, cheeks and chins of as many people as possible.

The appearance of this ‘average’ Dundonian – and what science can tell us about it - will be revealed by Dr Chris Watkins at his ‘Face of Dundee’ event at the Dundee Science Festival on Thursday, November 6.

He explains:

“Our physical appearance is a product of both inheritance and the lives we lead. Lots of scientific research from the 90s onwards has used computer graphic technology to capture the average - or prototypical - appearance of a set of faces, inspired by composite portraiture from the 19th century.

“If you live or were born in a Dundee postcode (DD1, DD2, DD3, DD4) and can spare between 3 and 10 minutes of your time, we would be delighted if you would like to get involved.

“The final 'Face of Dundee' will extract the average shape, colour and texture features of all those who take part, enabling us to gain a tangible impression of the average resident."

If you would like to feature in the ‘Face of Dundee’ project, the team will be on the ground floor of the Overgate Shopping Centre during opening hours on the weekends of September 13 & 14, and 20 &21.

To find out more about Dr Watkins’ research, please visit the Human Relationships Laboratory website.


For media enquiries, please contact Chris Wilson (Communications Manager) – T: 01382 308522 M: 07837 250284 E:

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