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Abertay talks new technologies at Scottish Mental Health Nursing Conference 2014

29 August 2014

The ways in which new technologies can be used to promote mental health recovery and wellbeing will be discussed by researchers from Abertay University at the Scottish Mental Health Nursing Conference 2014 in Edinburgh this Friday (August 29).

GPS tracking systems and social media platforms such as Tumblr, YouTube and Twitter will be at the forefront of three out of the four presentations to be delivered by students and academics from the institution.

The university specialises in mental health research and mental health nursing education and will be hosting the conference next year.

In the morning session, mental health nursing student Ruairi Lynch will discuss how social media can enable people with mental health issues to reclaim their identity in the face of the stigmatising effects of a mental health diagnosis.

Lecturer Ron Johansen will look at the ways in which Community Mental Health Nurses were able to be resilient practitioners in the past with the tools available to them at the time, and how innovations in digital technology and social media are creating opportunities - as well as challenges - for how things can be done differently in the future.

In the afternoon session, adult nursing student Jennifer Lynch will explore the use of Global Positioning Systems (GPS) in dementia care.

Finally, Robin Ion - Head of the Mental Health Nursing Division at Abertay - along with Lecturer Sheila Nimmo, will explore the contribution made by the Hearing Voices Network, Dundee, to both the wellbeing of those who use the service and to the local community in which it is situated.

Robin Ion - Head of the Mental Health Nursing Division at Abertay - said:

“We are delighted to have such a strong presence at this year’s conference and, in particular, to have two of our students presenting at it - it is fantastic that they are able to attend an event like this where they will be able to exchange ideas with so many of those currently working in the sector.

“The mental health of our society depends on us striving to research and pioneer new teaching and nursing practices and, with Abertay already well-known for its innovative teaching and research within computer games, this is a wonderful opportunity to demonstrate that this innovation crosses over into mental health nursing.”


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