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Graduation stories - from Abertay to managing logistics at the Commonwealth Games

22 July 2014

Vikki Allan graduated with a BA (Hons) in Social Science with Management earlier this month, and is currently working as an Assistant Manager of Logistics at the Commonwealth Games.

Here she tells us a little about her job, and how her studies at Abertay helped her get to where she is today.

The logistics of Glasgow 2014

"I am responsible for assisting in the planning and management of logistics operations within Strathclyde Country Park where the Triathlon event at the Commonwealth Games will be held.

"Basically, if you turned my venue upside down, I look after everything that would fall out of it (apart from the people): sports equipment, furniture, and the receipt, storage and distribution of all equipment. I also assist the Venue Logistics Manager with the maintenance and monitoring of delivery schedules and help manage our Logistics Venue Crew. I have learnt so many new skills from doing this job - including becoming a forklift truck driver!

Team spirit

"It is extremely exciting to be working at Glasgow 2014. Just seeing the build-up and being able to be a part of the team which is going to create an amazing Games is such a great feeling.

"At my venue we had a test event of the Triathlon in May and the feeling was just amazing during and after it to see the event come together, so I can't wait for the 24th and 26th of July for the actual Triathlon events.

"Everyone is such a team at Glasgow 2014 and we just want the Games to be the most successful they're ever been.


"I have met so many amazing people from various walks of life, including people who worked at London 2012 and people in my situation of it being their first Games.

"There are also a lot of retired athletes working here - including Simone Callender, who is the reigning Commonwealth Judo champion, and Lukas Matys, the 2006 World Quadrathlon Champion - so, with all these inspirational people, it’s hard not to be excited about the Games. Also for it to be in Scotland just makes you so proud and for you to want it to be an amazing spectacle for the rest of the Commonwealth. 

How Abertay has helped

"My degree from Abertay has definitely helped me with this role. Even just small lessons learned from specific lecturers have helped me develop as a manager. Also having a degree in Social Sciences - helping me to understand society and people better - helps me with my Logistics Venue Crew and creating a happy team.

"The lessons I have learnt at Abertay will stay with me over my career and I can't wait to see where my degree helps me in my next role!

What’s next?

"In September, I’ll be starting on the Operations Graduate Scheme at Standard Life Investments, which lasts two years. Who knows where I’ll be after that – perhaps staying at Standard Life and continuing my career there, or maybe working at Rio 2016! Wherever I end up, I can see myself in Logistics or Operations, but where I will be doing that is the question...

"Abertay has opened so many doors for me with my degree and I just have to work my hardest to make good use of them and make contacts to continue in whatever I choose to do next.  

Abertay highlights

"There isn’t just one highlight I could pick out from my time at Abertay, as I loved my time there and wouldn't change it for the world - the friends I have made are lifelong and even the lecturers have been so supportive.

"I think one thing about Abertay is it is different to other universities in that it does 'break barriers' - whether it be with a different way of teaching to other universities or just the relationships that we build throughout our four years.

"Choosing to attend Abertay was one of the best decisions of my life and see where it has got me now! If I hadn't worked hard and developed myself I would never have this amazing job at the Commonwealth Games and Abertay helped me get to where I am today. Thanks for the amazing four years Abertay!"

To find out more about Vikki's course, and how to specialise in a particular area, please visit the Social Science course pages

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