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Student-Led Teaching Awards

3 June 2014

The winners of this year’s Student-Led Teaching Awards were announced at a glittering awards ceremony on Friday night.

The awards are run by UADSA and are a chance for students to give something back to the people who have educated and inspired them this year.

With the biggest turn-out for the event so far, staff and students gathered in Bar One to see who had won the coveted awards.

There were a number of new categories this year, and the winners were delighted and humbled by their nominations.

President of UADSA, Richard Cook, said:

"This was our fifth annual Student-Led Teaching Awards and it was bigger and better than ever.

"We had created several new awards to encompass the wider aspects of teaching and learning in the university and showcase the talents across the schools.

"I was pleased to see such a great turnout from both staff and students, and in fact the atmosphere that night was what made the event successful - everybody seemed to be enjoying themselves and joining in the celebrations.

"I would like to extend my congratulations to all those nominated for the awards as they have all done a fantastic job this year for their students."

The new award categories and winners were as follows:

  • Outstanding Commitment to Student Welfare: Siobhan MacAndrew

Runners-up: Lynn Parker and Kate Smith

  • Best Platform for Employment: Helen Smith.

Runners-up: Iain Donald and Shona Grogan

  • Outstanding Supervisor: Philip Jenkins

Runners-up: Brian Robinson and Ross Lorimer

  • Innovative Teaching Award: Chris Lowthorpe

Runners-up: Nicola Tully and Laurie Bell

  • Best Feedback on Assessments: Adam Sampson

Runners-up: Shona Robertson and Rodie Lonie

The big awards of the night, however, were for the Outstanding Teaching Awards.

There was one for each of the four Schools:

  • School of Social and Health Sciences: Christos Memos

Runners-up: Siobhan MacAndrew and Jennifer Cowie

  • School of Science, Engineering and Technology: John Isaacs

Runners-up: Dennis Gentles and Adilia Lemos

  • School of Arts, Media and Computer Games: Kenny McAlpine

Runners-up: Olympia Mavridou and Dayna Galloway

  • Dundee Business School: Nicola Tully

Runners-up: Shona Grogan and Sarah Matheson


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