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Paper brought to life at Abertay Digital Graduate Show

19 May 2014

Digital transformations of traditional papercraft techniques will take centre stage at the Abertay Digital Graduate Show, which opens on Friday 23 May.

Liene Birka’s interactive project Dawn stirs up childhood nostalgia and a sense of wonder by digitally creating a woodland environment that appears to be made of paper.

The Abertay University student wanted to challenge people’s perceptions of what video game graphics can be, exploring similar creative challenges to Media Molecule’s game Tearaway for the PlayStation Vita.

Liene’s work will be on show at the Abertay Digital Graduate Show from Friday 23-Monday 26 May. The show is free and open to everyone.

Liene Birka 1

Liene Birka, Computer Arts student, said: “Craftsmanship is not a word commonly associated with video games, but I believe it should be. A lot of people with unique talents apply their imagination and work tirelessly to create new and innovative games.

“However, I think that the perfect shapes and gradients, the smooth animation of digital media takes away the small imperfections normally left by the human hand. I wanted to see if I could evoke that appreciation for the hand-crafted in a purely digital medium.”

Liene Birka 2

She added: “I digitally experimented with different media that most of us would be familiar with from childhood experiences: paint, modelling clay and paper. There’s only so many ways to use paper – you can cut it, tear it, fold it and glue it and that’s about it so it’s easier to create something familiar.

“The project certainly seems to stir up emotion in people. I chose to define it as nostalgia as to me it seems linked to my memories of folding paper animals and making paper houses as a kid, and I hope people come to the show to experience it for themselves.”

The opening times of the Abertay Digital Graduate Show are:

Friday 23 May, 4-8pm
Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 May, 12-4pm
Monday 26 May, 9am-12pm

Over 180 students will be putting work on show in Abertay University’s main Kydd Building and the Hannah Maclure Centre art gallery, on the top floor of the Student Centre.

You can also sign up to the Abertay Digital Graduate Show Facebook event and show your friends you're attending.


For media enquiries, please contact Chris Wilson (Communications Manager) – T: 01382 308522 M: 07837 250284 E:


The Abertay Digital Graduate Show is part of the Ignite Dundee festival, which runs from 16-31 May and showcases the very best of Dundee’s creative talent.

Ignite Dundee is a partnership between Abertay University; Dundee Contemporary Arts; Dundee – One City, Many Discoveries; Dundee Rep Theatre; Leisure & Culture Dundee; University of Dundee and V&A Dundee.

For more information, please visit the Ignite Dundee festival website.

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