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Abertay students pitch to world-leading Roslin Cells

3 April 2014

Dr Jason Turner and Janet Downie meet some of the students 

Abertay University students will today (Thursday 3rd April) pitch marketing proposals to Roslin Cells, a world-leading company for developing cell therapies.

Working in teams of eight – covering subjects including Marketing & Business, Creative Sound Production, and Web Design and Development – the students were challenged to create an online and offline marketing campaign, including a website and offline promotional materials.

Roslin Cells set the brief for the students, who will today present their ideas exactly as if they were a company pitching for a commercial contract.

Other organisations giving feedback on the student pitches include MTC Media, TalentScotland and Wave 102.

Roslin Cells Chief Operating Officer, Janet Downie, said: “Working with the students at Abertay University has been a fantastic experience. They have brought a number of fresh ideas and innovative approaches to our marketing.

“Implementing their strategies will certainly help to effectively promote Roslin Cells going forward.”

The student teams were challenged to create an integrated online and offline direct marketing campaign to raise the profile and market the offer of Roslin Cells, nationally and internationally.

Specific tasks the students faced included designing audio and animations, producing a website, outlining the features of a mobile app, creating promotional brochures and pop-up event posters, appropriate for an identified target audience.

Dr Jason Turner, the project leader from Abertay University’s Dundee Business School, said: “Giving students the opportunity to work with peers from very different courses, all facing real commercial pressures, is an incredibly tough challenge – but one which is very exhilarating as they put all their studies to practical use.

“The students have already learned the tools to plan a marketing campaign or build a website, and putting them in front of industry experts helps them to understand the pressures of real-life commercial environments in a safe, enjoyable way.

“Some of the campaigns the students have created for Roslin Cells are of an excellent, professional standard. We’re all hoping some of today’s ideas can be put to use promoting the organisation both nationally and internationally.”

Based at the Edinburgh BioQuarter, Roslin Cells is a leader in the translation and development of cell therapies as well providing Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) manufacturing services for cell therapy products for clinical use.

Roslin Cells also provides a range of pluripotent stem cells for clinical use and research customers.


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