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Sony announces PlayStation 4 academic partnerships

16 December 2013

PlayStation First logo  

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has announced that Abertay is one of the first wave of Universities across Europe to receive PlayStation 4 development kits.

Abertay University, Birmingham City University - Gamer Camp, Sheffield Hallam University, NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands, and Playground Squad in Sweden will use PS4 development tools as a key teaching element within their games courses, continuing a tradition of students at each University developing games on PlayStation platforms.

The partnership marks the first stage of SCEE’s plans to make PS4 hardware available to its wider University partners in 2014. PS4 dev kits will be available as a follow on licensing programme to University members registered on the PlayStation Vita dev kit programme.

The release of PS4 development kits is the latest initiative of PlayStationFirst, which establishes partnerships with University courses to foster the next generation of PlayStation-savvy developers. It aids Sony Computer Entertainment’s overall goal of supporting developers and established studios.

Sony PS4 dev kit
An Abertay student using the PS4 development kit 

Gregor White, Director of Academic Enterprise at Abertay University, said: “We have a very strong relationship with Sony and the PlayStationFirst initiative has allowed our students access to previous Sony development kits, allowing them to learn on the same technology used by games industry professionals.

“We’re absolutely delighted to be one of the first universities to receive PlayStation 4 development kits, which coupled with the PlayStation Vita kits we already have, gives our students an incredible head start in learning to develop for PlayStation.”

Luke Savage, Academic Development Manager for Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE), explained: “We want the next generation of developers to have the skills that our industry needs. The next generation of PlayStation developers are in education right now, and getting students working on PS4 and PS Vita means we’ll have graduates who can hit the ground running when they enter our studios.”

Shahid Ahmad, Senior Business Development Manager at SCEE, added: “Given that there are more developers than ever before, we want to intensify our outreach and support to this community. PlayStationFirst is at the forefront of bringing new developers to PlayStation. It’s student developers that will influence the future of video games on our platforms, and we’re delighted to support their growing ambitions.”

Paul Holman, Vice President of SCEE R&D, added: “Providing access to PlayStation 4 development tools is a natural step for us. Since the earliest days of PlayStation, SCEE has ensured Universities can gain access to the same development tools that professional studios use.

"We know there are really exciting ideas emerging from students across the world, and PlayStation has a heritage of hosting creativity. I’m confident that PS4 will inspire the next generation of PlayStation-savvy developers.”

To learn more about computer games education at Abertay, please see our full list of computer games degrees.

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