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Abertay is now on Weibo

30 September 2013

We are happy to announce that the University is now on Weibo – the Chinese social networking site.

You can follow us at for updates about university activities, research, and features about our graduates and current students.

We hope this will make it easier for our Chinese alumni to keep in touch!

Our account will be managed by one of our recent Chinese graduates, Mo Hu – known as Phoebe to her UK friends.

When she first arrived in the UK, Phoebe could speak little English. However, she is now fluent, and graduated in July with Honours in Human Resource Management. She has also just started a permanent, full-time job.

Here, she tells us a bit about her time at Abertay, why she chose it, and why she thinks we should be shouting about Abertay on Weibo.

"When I arrived at Abertay I was very excited. I had wanted to come to the UK ever since I was a little girl. And although I didn’t know much about the geography of the UK when I applied, I’m really glad I chose to come to Scotland and Dundee.

"After studying English for one year at Dundee College I had a meeting with one of the Student Recruitment Officers at Abertay, and it was around that time that Abertay started to offer the   course, which is what I’d always wanted to do.

"I knew I would need a good level of English before I could enrol on that course, so I did a two month intensive language course at the university before I started.

"English is an international language, and it’s becoming more and more important in China – if you want to find a good job or be able to join an international company, you need a good level of English to be able to do that. So the pre-sessional course was a great start for me. I’m now fluent in English, and I think being at Abertay really helped me achieve that.

"It’s a small university, but is very multi-cultural. You can find so many nationalities on campus, and for foreigners it’s always easier to start by getting to know other foreigners, because you all have the same feelings of being an outsider. And since you are all new to the environment, there are so many adventures you will want to try together, which is great, because the only language you have in common is English, so you really get the chance to speak it and improve.

"It’s not like being at a big university where all the Chinese people just stick together and speak to each other in Chinese!
"To meet new people and learn new skills, you need to get to know people from different cultures. And Abertay is a great place to do that.

“So please connect with us on Weibo so we can let everyone in China know what a great place Abertay is to study – we’re only small, but we’ve got a lot to offer, and it would be great if we could encourage more people from China to come and experience Abertay for themselves.”


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