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Pupils attend Scottish Baccalaureate project induction

12 June 2013

Secondary pupils from across Dundee are spending two days at the University of Abertay Dundee (11/12 June) in order to attend the Scottish Baccalaureate project induction, hosted in partnership with Dundee Education Department and Dundee Science Centre.  

Over the two half-day sessions students are receiving training in skills such as problem-solving, science communication and self-reflection, and will have the opportunity to meet with researchers in order to identify a mentor and a proposal for their own independent research project.

The Scottish Baccalaureate is an SQA qualification available to any student taking a given combination of Higher and Advanced Higher courses. The unique feature of the Baccalaureate is the Interdisciplinary Project, a unit in which pupils carry out an investigation or practical project incorporating their learning in an out-of-school setting.

Erin Hardee, STEM Outreach Co-Ordinator at Abertay University, said: "The Scottish Baccalaureate programme is an exciting way for motivated pupils to make the most of their local research environments and at Abertay University we’re honoured to be offering mentorships to students from Dundee city in a wide degree of areas.  

"Through the independent research project students will develop important skills like time management and self-confidence, and the knowledge and contacts they gain will help them in their university careers and beyond.

"Our researchers are impressed every year by the calibre of students that take on the Baccalaureate programme, bringing fresh new ideas to such exciting fields as mobile phone development, environmental impact and health and hygiene."

So far Baccalaureates are offered in Science, Social Science, Languages, and Expressive Arts.

Abertay University will be offering mentors in Sciences and Social Sciences with representatives from Forensics, Environmental Sciences, Food, Health and Sport, Life Sciences, Computing and Psychology as well as Dundee Science Centre offering mentors in Science Communication.

This is the third year Abertay University has coordinated Dundee schools’ projects.

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