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Forensic Anthropology: Getting Under the Skin

4 February 2013

Fans of Forensic Anthropologist Nikki Alexander in Silent Witness may be interested in a talk to be given by visiting Professor Sue Black this coming Wednesday (February 6th).

Professor Black OBE FRSE is Professor of Anatomy and Forensic Anthropology, and Director of the Centre for Anatomy and Human Identification, at the University of Dundee. She is also an Honorary Graduate of Abertay University, having been awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Science in 2009.

She has appeared extensively on television discussing reconstructions of the faces of historical figures recovered from cemeteries, historical sites of importance (such as Stirling Castle), and historical figures from other countries.

These skills and abilities have been vital to the more gruesome task of examining bodies for forensic services in the UK and in mass graves abroad, as a result of ethnic cleansing.

In “Forensic Anthropology: Getting Under the Skin”, Professor Black will deliver a wide ranging talk about the methods and scientific basis for her work on both historical and forensic subjects.

She has been behind the drive to get a mortuary facility in Dundee to support the work she does, and will talk about the impact having such a facility would have on her own research and that of surgeons, dentists, students and medical researchers.

The lecture will by hosted by the Division of Psychology and will take place at 2pm in Room 3004 on Wednesday, February 6th.

Given the subject matter this is not a subject for the feint hearted.

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