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Performance within Portraiture

28 January 2013

3 Birds, by Clare Brennan

Clare Brennan, Curator of the Hannah Maclure Centre at the University of Abertay Dundee, will discuss ‘Performance within Portraiture’ when she leads the next Dundee Arts Café event.
Clare’s oil paintings and drawings use realism to portray the unreal, and look at life as a series of little performances, short stories and dramatic plays. She will discuss her practice, as well as the wider notion of performance in art, at The McManus: Dundee’s Art Gallery & Museum on Tuesday, 5th February.
“My personal practice explores human psychological states, inspired by the sociological theory of Dramaturgy, where human actions are said to be completely dependent upon time, place, and audience,” she said.
“This involves manipulating the viewer into believing and accepting the character while creating performance within portraiture. I find the notion of creating fantastical narratives and portraying unattainable beauty within a single image an exhilarating challenge.
“The process begins with a conversation between the artist and subject – a collaboration. Scenarios are discussed, characters developed, environments built and the performance begins. It’s about storytelling, holding the viewer’s attention, compelling them to unravel the tale.”

Dundee Arts Café is a programme of talks showcasing arts research and developments taking place locally. The series is organised by the Universities of Dundee and Abertay, and Dundee City Council’s Leisure & Culture department.
These events enable members of the public to relax and discuss the arts, from English to History, Philosophy to Architecture, and Fine Art to Product Design, with some of the leading names carrying out work in these areas in Dundee.
The events last one hour, and speakers talk passionately about their work for 30 minutes before the floor is opened up to an informal discussion with the audience. All talks take place in The McManus Café, Albert Square, Dundee.
‘Performance within Portraiture’ takes place at 6pm on Tuesday, 5th February. This event is free, and open to all. Limited seating means visitors are advised to arrive early to avoid disappointment.
For more information about the event please visit the Dundee Arts Café website.

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