Five-Week Pre-Sessional Programme

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29 July–30 August 2019 (5 weeks)

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Course Overview

This programme is designed for undergraduate or postgraduate students who have met the requirements to join a degree programme at Abertay (and so have been given an unconditional offer), but would like to get a head-start on their studies by boosting their Academic English Skills.

Classes and assignments aim to help you to understand and acclimate to Scottish University culture, giving you a head start before the serious business of studying begins!  Specifically we’ll help you to further develop and refine your academic writing and research skills in a challenging yet supportive study environment.

The programme is assessed but, as an unconditional offer-holder, you can choose whether to do these assessments.

Entrance Requirements

You should have met the requirements for the degree you are planning to join, and be in possession of an unconditional offer from Abertay.


The cost for the 5-week programme is £1100.00. This includes the cost of a social programme with visits to places of interest in Scotland. It does not include the cost of accommodation.

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What Will the Course Involve?

This is a full-time, 5 week course with approximately 20 hours of class time each week.  (Please note that the final week will be given over to assessments.)

Classes focus on developing the four skills:

  • Writing: Understanding and planning different assignments, using sources, avoiding plagiarism, and improving your accuracy.
  • Reading: Strategies to help you to read academic books, journal articles and online sources faster and more effectively.
  • Listening: Strategies for both formal settings such as lectures, and informal discussions and conversations.
  • Speaking: Giving presentations and taking part in seminars.

Classes are usually in the form of workshops, where you’ll be able to try out the language and ideas presented by your tutors; you’ll also be asked to give presentations, work with other students in groups to complete projects, and to work individually to reflect on your own progress. This will help you to further develop and refine the other skills required for successful study in the UK: critical thinkingindependent learning and academic literacy

In addition, you will also have individual tutorials each week, where you will have the chance to discuss your progress with your own tutor.

How Will the Course Benefit You?

Joining the course means that you’ll be able to

  • Engage successfully in your chosen degree programme
  • Produce a coherent and convincing argument, with accurate referencing and appropriate presentation, in both written and spoken form
  • Work in a group to complete a small-scale research project
  • Reflect on your own academic skills and use this reflection for self-improvement

as well as ...

  • Getting a feel for the educational culture of a Scottish University (which can be quite different from other countries’)
  • Meeting other international students
  • Getting to know Dundee – and Scotland! – so that you feel at home before you start your degree

How Will the Course be Assessed?

Assessment will cover all four skills described above.  Although there will be exams in the final week, the assessment also includes completion of a portfolio of written work during the programme.  Your spoken skills will also be assessed throughout the course.  However, as an unconditional offer-holder, you can choose whether to do these assessments.

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