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Why Study Construction Management?

The MSc Construction Management Programme is an international collaboration between Abertay University and Ecole Supérieure de Conduite de Travaux (ESCT), Vincennes, Paris (delivered in English & French). The programme is an integration of technical, managerial and entrepreneurial concepts in the context of the management of construction projects.

You'll be working with French construction companies whilst undertaking the MSc Construction Management. This puts you in the ideal position to learn the theory whilst putting it into action in real-world environments.

The programme has been developed to meet the requirements of experienced site managers and help develop your career towards senior management positions in construction contracting organisations.

In addition, you will also: 

  • Acquire the tools to address the challenges of managing complex construction projects for the built environment.
  • Acquire the tools to deliver solutions which enable efficient and effective use of limited resources whilst recognising environmental concerns and changing social requirements.
  • Learn how to lead multi-disciplinary teams formed of a variety of key stakeholders which are tasked with delivering high quality urban environments.
  • Develop and undertake in-depth investigation in areas of interest relevant to construction management which integrates knowledge gained, working to a restricted timescale.

The programme is designed to produce highly skilled graduates who are capable of addressing the challenges of managing complex construction. You'll be able to deliver solutions which enable the efficient and effective use of limited resources whilst recognising environmental concerns and changing social environments.


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How the Course Works

Upon graduation, you will have the confidence and skills to lead multi-disciplinary teams tasked with building high-qaulity urban environments and the ability to undertake in-depth investigation of construction management issues and work to restricted timescales.

"This has been an excellent course which has improved my knowledge, skills and personal development. It has also been a benefit to my employer.

"Through my MSc project, I have developed an innovative approach that aims to improve and modernise the sharing of data and communication between the various divisions of the construction process - people working in the office, people working on the construction site, logistics and finance.

"The company has moved it into a testing phase on a real construction site so that my idea can be developed further. Hopefully this will lead to it being rolled out across Bouygues Construction over the coming years."

Romain Poirier, Bouygues Construction (MSc Construction Management graduate, 2016)

"I really enjoyed my time at Abertay and the opportunity to study international construction management practice.

"The MSc in Construction Management is a great opportunity to study in English, and get the experience of working abroad. This is a great benefit when you work in international companies like Vinci Construction and will hopefully help me in my future career."

Clement Attard, Vinci Construction France (MSc Construction Management graduate, 2017)

"It was very interesting to add an international approach to construction management. Courses were an opening to global economy and industry and allowed me to integrate a German company, based in France and work every day with foreign colleagues in English.

"Everyone has his work methods, depending of his country and organisation and it's a pleasure to share and discover every day.  Undertaking my MSc Thesis was a great opportunity, due to reading of number of scientific and technical books and papers.

"This part is really helpful because I analyse many Contracts and technical specifications of furnishers now. It was a long way and a difficult work, perfect to improve organisation and efficiency skills."

Quentin Gadais, ABO Wind (MSc Construction Management graduate, 2012)

What you study

You will study six taught modules:

  • Environmental Management.
  • Research Methods.
  • Environmental Regulation and Business Strategy.
  • Creation and Management of a Company.
  • Logistics, Waste Pollution and Processing of Building.
  • Financial Management of Construction operations.

On successful completion of the taught modules, you will undertake a work-based MSc Dissertation.

How you learn and are assessed

You will be exposed to a variety of teaching, learning and assessment practices during the course of their programme. Formal lectures are generally used to introduce study areas by imparting key elements of knowledge, outlining concepts and theories, and providing examples of their use in relation to substantive Construction Management problems or issues.

Other teaching and learning activities include seminars with written and oral presentations, and project work centred on the development of specific skills of inquiry and analysis, some of which are student-led.

Laboratory sessions, field trips and industrial visits are used to develop student appreciation of the practical application of research methods and data analysis. 
Assessment includes formal examinations, class tests, reports, project work and in some cases assessed oral presentations.

Your assessment culminates in the MSc Project - designed to assess your ability to synthesize knowledge and develop a sustained argument.

Fees & funding

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