Alexander Thursby

Game Animation and Cinematography: Exploring Cinematic Conventions

"Game Animation and Cinematography: Exploring Cinematic Conventions" is a 2022 Digital Graduate Show project by Alexander Thursby, a Computer Arts student at Abertay University.


I have been researching how I could resolve the problem of losing player’s immersion and agency during cinematic animations and cutscenes which is where the player is pulled out of the gameplay to watch a short film. Within my findings I have learned and applied the use of camera techniques from film to my intro cinematic cutscene to drive the story into the gameplay and set up player immersion to enable embodiment of the character they are playing. The animation takes place within an underground temple ruin. The protagonist falls through the ceiling of the temple and finds themselves venturing deeper to find their way out while overcoming the hostile creatures that dwell within the temple’s walls. At the event I will be presenting the intro cinematic cutscene I have developed to set the story up and the players motivations within this theoretical game.

Project info

  • Developer Alexander Thursby
  • Showcase year 2022
  • Programme Computer Arts

Game Animation and Cinematography: Exploring Cinematic Conventions

The project is to create a cinematic game-intro to explore cinematic conventions and cinematography to enhance player experience and deliver the narrative story elements without disengaging the player.

Project Motivation

The motivation that led me to develop the project was my fascination with how video games seamlessly transitioned from cutscene to gameplay.

The flow from the two states connects you in a way that brings you closer to the characters unlike any film or book, and it is this I would like to learn.

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Alexander Thursby

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