Aimee Kerr

Ar cànan : Learning Gaelic Through Video Games

The death of the Gaelic language is a travesty, which closes doors to understanding Scotland’s culture. This project aims to encourage uptake in Gaelic by giving an immersive experience to practice the language in. The player will be working in a post office on an island where characters can - but don’t like to - speak English. The player will be encouraged to learn Gaelic through context, conversations and the environment around them. The project has been realised through conceptual designs, with the intention of actually creating the game in future.

Project info

  • Developer Aimee Kerr
  • Showcase year 2022
  • Programme Computer Arts

Ar cànan : Learning Gaelic Through Video Games

The conceptual project focuses on designing a game which would encourage learning of Scottish Gaelic through simulated cultural immersion.

"Ar cànan : Learning Gaelic Through Video Games" is a 2022 Digital Graduate Show project by Aimee Kerr, a Computer Arts student at Abertay University.

Project Motivation

This project was motivated by a love for Gaelic and involvement with the Kilted Otter Game Jam focusing on bringing Gaelic into games. As a learner it took me nearly a year to speak with people in Gaelic. Duolingo is great but it lacks immersion and the cultural context, so I wanted to find a way to simulate the missing link in independent learning.

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Aimee Kerr

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