Ailsa Durward

She was a rose

This story follows a character who is trapped in her own personal hell. The players are a whisper of influence for important choices that the character will make. Altering the story will reveal multiple outcomes that will require a form of sacrifice. Travelling down different routes will reveal more information about the main character, and why she's trapped, along with the other characters she encounters on the way. Can you escape from this realm and find the truth behind this whole ordeal?

Project info

  • Developer Ailsa Durward
  • Showcase year 2022
  • Programme Computer Arts

She was a rose

This animated branching-path narrative focused on replayability will have you deciding how this story unfolds and the fate of the main character.

Project Motivation

I was inspired primarily from games, particularly role-playing games and wanted to make an animation that was inspired by them. I also wanted to see if I could tackle a common problem I witnessed in multiple titles where choices didn’t have any impact on the overall story.

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Ailsa Durward

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