3rd Year Showcase

ADGS 2021 | 3rd Year Showcase


Home is a light-hearted 3Dlife simulation that follows the daily responsibilities of Deer, a young career. A project bu Team Triangle Bear

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Home - By Team Team Triangle Bear

Project Noazarc

Traverse natural wonders, clean up any man-made trash and log as many animals as possible, all while playing as an animal yourself! A project by Team Doughnut Monkey.

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Project Scrapped

Play as a Inley, a curious adventuring rabbit who slowly comes to realise the realities of her world, that she is stuck within a simulation built within a game engine for the mere enjoyment of a target market. A project by Hawthorn Games.

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You play as Aki a lost dog guiding a small pup through unfamiliar territory. You travel through the forest remembering your past as you protect the pup, a metaphor of your younger self. A project by Team Tartan Paint.

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