Abertay Game Dev Masters Show

1pm (BST) on Friday 17th September

Welcome to the Abertay Game Dev Masters Show 2021!

Here you can play some brand new games from our talented MProf students, and check out what they’ve been working hard to create over the last year!

From pinball to petting appliances, there’s a wealth of ingenuity and innovation in these projects, so go explore, you might find your new favourite game!

And as if that wasn’t enough, you can also find out a bit about the minds behind the work with our Inside the Process videos


MIXT is a cooperative 2-player engine building card game set in a diesel punk dy...

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Escape Rex Manor

Escape Rex Manor is a combination of a narrative-based puzzle exploration game w...

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Through Their Eyes

Through Their Eyes is a first person game where the player assumes the role of H...

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In Umbralate you must guide the vampire, Fang Helsing, back home to their coffin...

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Armilla Polar - Mecha Strategy Game

A turn-based strategy mobile game where players take control of a diverse cast o...

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Anjali Shibu

Through Their Eyes was made in response to a brief set by The Chinese Room. The ...

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Courtney Spivey

I worked as a 2D UI / character artist and as the narrative designer for AWS. Fo...

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Daniel Cutajar

I took part in 4 projects during the MProf course. For these projects I created ...

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Gavin Wood

Abandoned is an explorable hand drawn 3D environment, the situation is unclear, ...

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Julian Gatt

Through Their Eyes aims to portray a derelict unwelcoming urban environment thro...

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Kristina Cutajar

'Accused Witches of Scotland' and ' Escape Rex Manor' are two Projects I partici...

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Marianne Pritchard

This is an environment scene representing an imagined future where plastic pollu...

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Matthew Jenkins

Through Their Eyes and Octoport are projects I worked on during my time on the P...

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Michelangelo Bedetti

For this project I wanted to explore the relationship between a low poly aesthet...

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Sandy Steele

A reactor going nuclear, a single bullet, and as many time loops as it will take...

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