Dr Jon Wilkin


School School of Science, Engineering and Technology

Department Division of Food and Drink

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+44 (0)1382 30 8783


I am a Senior Food Technologist at Food Innovation @ Abertay and I am also a Lecturer at Abertay University.

Food Innovation @Abertay (FIA): is a practical solution based commercial aspect of the food department at Abertay. My main duties include working on a range of issues, from new product development to consumer research, food safety and nutritional information. We work with a range of businesses from micro all the way up to multi-nationals. We credit ourselves on building collaborative partnerships with Scottish SME's Food and Drink Industries.

I also teach food safety to levels 7-9 (BSc) and level 11 (MSc), this includes HACCP, and due to our new course starting this year I will be teaching food quality management too! This includes BRC, ISO, SALSA and other food safety and quality management systems.

My research revolves around:

Textural studies on food products
Maillard Reaction (processing and roasting)
Lipid Oxidation (shelf life)
Oil body characterisation (oil bodies are small lipid storage organelles within the peanut cellular structure).


Senior Food Technologist; Teaching Fellow; PhD; Research, Peanuts; Food Safety; New Product Development; SMEs; Consumer Research; Product Reformulations; Shelf Life; Food Texture

I am module leader on the following modules for the BSc's Food Science and Technology, Food and Consumer Science, Food Product Design and Food, Nutrition and Health:

  • FC0703A - Hygiene and Food Safety (1st year)
  • FC0905A - Food Safety Management (3rd year)

Other teaching commitments are: MProf Food and Drink Innovation (Packaging and Sustainability)

  • FC1121A - Food Safety Management
  • FC1119A - Food and Drink Innovation Project

I am also Stage Tutor for the MProf Programme and Year 1 Tutor for the Undergraduate Courses

  • Wilkin, J.D., Ashton, I.P., Fielding, L.M. and Tatham, A.S. (2013). Storage stability of whole and nibbed, conventional and high oleic peanuts (Arachis hypogeae L.). Food and bioprocess technology. DOI 10.1007/s11947-012-1033-0.


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