Paul Brand

Paul landed his dream job as Head of Performance Analysis at Manchester United.

BSc Sport Coaching and Development, 2009.

Tell me more about your job and what it involves?

I’m responsible for the analysis service at First Team level, which is utilised by the manager, coaching staff and players.

I manage four other full-time analysts and also have a role to play with the Academy and Women’s team.

How did you end up working at Manchester United?

My first insight into the world of Performance Analysis was through a 2nd year module at Abertay. I was immediately drawn to this area.

Fortunately, through one of my lecturer’s at the time, myself and seven other students in my class were offered a part-time job at Hibernian FC and that led to me moving into full-time work at Blackburn Rovers.

I spent over four years there, predominantly as Head of Performance Analysis. This provided me with the base of knowledge and experience to then be successful in applying for the role of Senior Performance Analyst at Manchester United.

Abertay was absolutely crucial in getting me to where I am now.
Paul Brand | Manchester United | Head of Performance Analysis

Is this very much a dream job for you?

Absolutely – it IS my dream job. Growing up I was a big Manchester United fan and from finding out about the industry whilst at University it was always my ambition. I’m extremely proud to work for this club.

How did your time at Abertay help you get to where you are now?

Abertay was absolutely crucial in getting me to where I am now. My course first exposed me to this industry and set a strong foundation of skills that were career-applicable when I received my first opportunity.  

What advice do you have for current students?

Creating, developing and exploiting relationships is crucial. You can achieve experiences and unique insights through simply approaching people in the right way and establishing strong professional relationships.

What are your future aspirations?

I want to continue developing the analysis provision at Manchester United and also the people around me.

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