Rejosh Samuel

From Abertay to Canada, Rejosh works as a Game Developer for Pong Studios in Toronto.

MSc Computer Games Technology, 2012 

What does your job involve?

I am the lead of a development team at Pong Studios in Toronto, which is responsible for making slot machine games for various American and Canadian markets.

I’m responsible for packaging our releases and ensuring they meet their deadlines.

How did your Abertay degree help you on your chosen career path?

Abertay University helped me get my foot through the door in this industry. As with many computer graduates who dream of working in a game studio, I decided that the best way for me to get a job in this field would be by getting a Masters degree in Computer Games Technology.

Not only did I get exposure to code, the course also offered insights in the business of game development and the type of markets that are out there.

The course helped me build my portfolio of projects which helped me get my first job in gaming.

Always strive towards your goal and don't let setbacks hold you back.
Rejosh Samuel | Pong Studios | Game Developer

Tell me about some of the projects you’ve worked on, and any achievements you’re particularly proud of?

In my former job at American Gaming Studios, I had the opportunity to work on slot titles like "Are you smarter than a 5th grader?" and "Family Feud”. These titles were available to play at popular casinos like Venetian and Caesars in Vegas.

At Pong, I’ve had the opportunity to work on emerging slot products like Pulltabs, and skill based slot games for sweepstakes markets.

Who had the biggest impact on you while studying at Abertay?

Our programme coordinator and instructor, Dr Euan Dempster was instrumental in guiding us towards the end goal – getting work.

He helped us focus on the tasks and overcome limitations and setbacks to move forward.

What advice would you give to our students?

Always strive towards your goal and don't let setbacks hold you back. They are learning experiences. With hard work and determination, you can achieve your dream. 

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