Shreyas Tewari

Shreyas is currently a Cybersecurity Analyst for National Grid Electricity Distribution and would like to launch his own start-up business in the future to improve awareness of cybersecurity in society.

"The coursework grabbed my attention, and I liked the idea of putting emphasis on hands-on experience rather than learning in the typical classroom style."
Shreyas Tewari | National Grid Electricity Distribution | Cybersecurity Analyst

When I first started researching cybersecurity in 2019, I came across the concept of ethical hacking, which piqued my interest. I wanted to specialise in this field and Abertay was one of the few Universities that offered this program. The coursework grabbed my attention, and I was intrigued by Abertay's emphasis on hands-on experience rather than the typical classroom style.

I made many great memories at Abertay University. To highlight a few - my first digital forensics court report where I spent weeks analysing bird images from a storage disk and another time when I had to build a VoIP application that would establish a connection between multiple devices (mobiles and laptops) that would exchange messages or initiate voice and video calls between them. Apart from academics, I made wonderful memories while working part time as a student helper at the library where I got the opportunity to be a part of the student panel to speak with prospective candidates for the new principal position and had a great time participating in a photoshoot for the university portfolio.

My time at Abertay was wonderful and I met many bright and intelligent people who inspired me. It is an experience I will treasure and never forget. Although I will miss my time at Abertay University, I am looking forward to using the skills and experience that I have gained towards building a future in the field of cybersecurity.

Now working for National Grid Electricity Distribution, I intend to dedicate some time to honing my skills and learning defensive systems measures that can be used to protect an organisation’s infrastructure from cyber threats. Along with learning how to protect the organisation from external threats, I intent to improve internal security measures by conducting cyber awareness.

It’s my long term ambition to launch my own start up business that helps the general public by channelling my knowledge in cybersecurity towards creating a society that is more cyber aware and better protected against cyber-attacks.

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