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Pablo Hoyos

Pablo Hoyos - BSc Computer Games Technology 2001

Senior Character Artist, Rocksteady Studios Ltd.

Current role

After graduating from Abertay, I put together a portfolio and landed my first job in the industry, specialising in characters at a Spanish company called Arvirago Technologies. After two years there, I moved to the UK to start work on Dungeons & Dragons Tactics, a game by Kuju Entertainment, where I spent one and a half years.

Afterwards, I joined what was back then a little-known company called Rocksteady Studios, which was just starting work on Batman: Arkham Asylum. After that project, I was promoted to lead the character team on the sequel Batman: Arkham City. I realised, however, that management was not the path I wanted to follow and, at the end of the development, I stepped down to return to my preferred position of Senior Character Artist. Back in the role I enjoy, I continued to focus on character artwork for Batman: Arkham Knight and briefly on Batman: Arkham VR.

As a Senior Character Artist, my main responsibility is to deliver textured 3D character models that match their concept art, hit the high-quality bar we strive for, and are finished on time.

This involves creating a very detailed high-res model with particular care taken on anatomy and fabric realism, as well as a solid in-game model that will deform correctly and match the high-res version as closely as possible, and making detailed textures and realistic materials that will complete the character’s look.

Other responsibilities include helping out other members of the team when possible, researching new software or techniques that will improve or speed up our workflow, and helping to develop any new pieces of character technology that may be required by each new game.


Abertay had a huge impact on me. At that time, particularly in Spain, there was very little information on how to land a job in the games industry, and not a single course teaching the skills needed. Finding out about Abertay, and getting a place on the course, meant that, for the first time, I could see a path towards realising my dream of working in games. Abertay showed me it was possible.

Beyond that, I learned a lot and had the chance to take part in group projects that taught me how to work efficiently as part of a team.

I had access to many opportunities I wouldn't have dreamed of getting before.

The last time I was at Abertay, I saw many things had changed for the better; from the massively upgraded facilities to the way group projects ran.

My advice to my younger self would be to be more organised and to save copies of all your work as you finish working on it. Get in the habit of regularly spending some time training and learning, and make sure you hold on to that time, even as life gets busy.


Bad Dudes vs. Dragon Ninja was the game that drove me to want to make games above all else. It filled my head with ideas for other levels the game could have and planted the seed of creativity that made me start coming up with game idea upon game idea. A process that I am still in love with, even today.

My dream is eventually to work on my own game ideas, to create fantastic worlds and creatures for them and release a game that I can truly call my own. Until then, I want to continue improving as a character artist, to remain competitive in this increasingly challenging field.