Sutherland Page Fund

Sutherland Page Fund


The Trustee of The Sutherland Page Trust invites applications from Undergraduates or Postgraduates studying courses in Medicine, Law, Arts, Divinity or Science who have successfully completed the first year of their course, and who are attending a Scottish University.

Applications will be considered individually, and the amount of an award will be at the discretion of the Trustee. However, the Trust funds are limited.


Only students who were born in Scotland, or who have at least one parent born in Scotland, or, who were resident in Scotland for at least three continuous years prior to entry to a Scottish University need apply.

How to apply

For more information about this scholarship and details of how to apply, please download the Sutherland Page Scholarship Guidance Notes. You apply by submitting the Sutherland Page Scholarship Application Form plus supporting documentation to

Closing Date


Terms & Conditions 

All Scholarships are subject to Terms & Conditions.


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