Visa Information

Visa Information

When preparing to study and live in the UK, there will be certain procedures and information that you will need to know to make sure your transition is as smooth as possible.

Please read our overseas pre-arrival guide for all the information you need before you arrive in Dundee.

Your Visa Application

In order to travel to the UK as a student under the ‘General Student’ category of Tier 4 - or extend your leave as a student if you are already here - you must pass a points-based assessment and score 40 points.

You will get 40 points from:

  • A place on a course with an approved education provider (i.e. Abertay University) – 30 points
  • Funds to cover your course fees and monthly living costs - 10 points

The video below offers advice on how best to prepare for applying for a visa plus helpful information on what is expected when it comes to funding your time at Abertay.

Visa Requirements

(Applying for Entry Clearance to study in the UK):


Step Find out more
1. Your course: what is an acceptable course of study for a Tier 4 (General) student?
2. Money: work out what money you must have to cover your course fees and monthly living costs. You will receive 10 points for having the necessary funds to cover both fees and maintenance (living expenses). For further information on how much money you will require and how to calculate it, please refer to the following link
3. Apply to Abertay: apply for your course of study and obtain a CAS (Certi cate of Acceptance for Study). You will receive 30 points for your CAS.
4. Supporting documentation: please make sure you have all supporting documentation in place prior to applying. To check you have the correct documents and proof, please see the following link
5. Visa application form: complete your application online and submit with the appropriate fee and supporting documentation. For assistance in how to complete the application form and more including biometric information, please see the following link

Visa FAQs

Find answers to frequently asked visa questions. 

I have heard about biometric information, what is required?

As part of the visa application process you will be required to provide

  • Your fingerprints

  • Digital photographs

Your visa application will not be processed until you have provided the necessary biometric information.

How and where do I get my biometrics information taken?

Your biometric information will be taken at your nearest Visa Application Centre (VAC), or if your country does not have a VAC, then you will be able to have your biometrics taken at your local British mission. Your fingerprints or finger scans will be taken electronically; therefore, there will be no ink, liquid or chemicals used. You will also have your digital photographs taken at the same time, with the whole process taking no more than 5 minutes.

What are some of the conditions for biometrics?

  • No decoration (for example, Henna)
  • No cuts, bruises or other markings on your fingertips (before your finger scans are taken)
  • Any cuts or bruises to the face must have healed or disappeared prior to having your photograph taken
  • Digital photographs must be of your full face, no sunglasses, hats or any other head covering can be worn (unless you wear it for cultural or religious reasons but the face must not be covered)