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Student life


Head of School

Professor Gavin Reid

Phone: 308406
Room: 2024


Accounting, Finance and Economics


Staff Member Phone Room Email

Dr Leslie Ball
Lecturer, Computing 

308251 2025, Old College l.ball

Dr Greg Bremner
Programme Leader MSc Oil and Gas Management/Lecturer, Economics

308444 2015, Old College g.bremner

Dr Aminu Hassan
Lecturer, Accounting 

308131 2015, Old College a.hassan

Dr Bassam Kazmouz
Lecturer, Accounting 

308408 2015, Old College B.Kazmouz
Professor Reza Kouhy
Director of Research/Chair of Energy & Environmental Accounting
308762 2019, Old College r.kouhy
Dr Anastasia Koulouri
Lecturer, Business Research and Statistics 
308611 2025, Old College a.koulouri
Dr Petra Leimich
Senior Lecturer, Computing 
308957 2025, Old College p.leimich
Mr Neil McGregor
Division Leader/Lecturer, Economics and Finance
308704 2017, Old College n.mcgregor
Mr Peter Morrison
Lecturer, Accounting
308403 2015, Old College p.morrison
Mrs Pat Sedakat
308248 2003, Old College p.sedakat
Mrs Helen Smith
Acting Division Leader/Associate Director (Teaching and Learning)/Programme Leader Accounting, Finance & Business/Lecturer, Accounting
308247 2015, Old College h.smith
Ms Lorella Sostegni
Teaching Fellow, Economics
308435 2003, Old College l.sostegni
Mr Alan Thompson
Lecturer, Economics 
 308440 2015, Old College a.thompson




Staff Member Phone Room Email
Dr Mo Egan
Lecturer, Law
308405 2016, Old College m.egan
Mr Phil Forte
Lecturer, Law
308412 2016, Old College p.forte
Ms Fiona Grant
Programme Leader, Law, EBL/Teaching Fellow, Law
308466 2016, Old College f.grant

Miss Clare Frances Moran
Teaching Fellow, Law

308512 2016, Old College c.moran
Mr James Murphie
Senior Lecturer, Law
308410 2016, Old College j.murphie
Dr Maria O'Neill
Senior Lecturer, Law
308421 2016, Old College m.oneill
Mr Ken Swinton
Division Leader/Senior Lecturer, Law
308413 2017, Old College k.swinton

Ms Nicola Tully
Teaching Fellow, Law 

308616 2016, Old College n.tully
Dr Michelle Weldon-Johns
Lecturer, Law
308149 2016, Old College m.weldon-johns


Business and Management


Staff Member Phone Room Email

Dr Jacqueline Archibald
Programme Leader, Web Design & Communication/Lecturer, Computing 

308634 2025, Old College j.archibald

Ms Eleni Aravopoulou
Lecturer, Management 

308906 2014, Old College e.aravopoulou

Dr Alex Avramenko
Lecturer, Management

308727 2025, Old College a.avramenko

Dr Boyka Bratanova
Lecturer, Management 

308670 2002, Old College b.bratanova
Professor Mohamed Branine
International HRM/Director of Research Degree Students/Postgraduate Admissions Tutor
308438 2019.1, Old College m.branine
Ms Dawn Carmichael
Lecturer, Computer Arts
308632 2003, Old College d.carmichael
Ms Pat Crosbie
Lecturer, Information & Communication Technologies
308975 2010, Old College  p.crosbie
Mrs Shona Grogan
Programme Leader Business Administration, Management, HRM, IEM/Lecturer, Management
308456 2003, Old College s.grogan
Dr Nazrul Islam
Senior Lecturer, Managemenet 
308629  2002, Old College n.islam
Ms Claire MacEachen
Director of Academic Programmes/Lecturer, Information &  Communication Technology, Admissions Tutor
308602 2017, Old College c.maceachen
Mr Charlie Malone
Programme Leader, Business Studies, Marketing & Business/Lecturer, Management
308487 2010, Old College


Dr Nikolai Mouraviev
Senior Lecturer, Business Management 
308362 2002, Old College


Ms Saquifa Seraj
Teaching Fellow, Management 
308864 2019.2, Old College


Dr Gary Mulholland
Division Leader/Senior Lecturer, Marketing
308965 2010, Old College g.mulholland
Mr Alan Stevenson
Programme Leader MSc HRM/Teaching Fellow, Human Resource Management


2003, Old College
Dr Jason Turner
Programme Leader MBA/Lecturer, Marketing
308433 2002, Old College j.turner


DBS Administration Team


Staff Member Phone Room Email
Mrs Colette McLean
Academic Administration Assistant 
308424 2023, Old College colette.mclean
Miss Sarah Park
Academic Administration Assistant 
308424 2023, Old College s.park
Mrs Cathy Ogilvie
Academic Administration Assistant
308495 2023, Old College C.Ogilvie


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