Support Services

How to access support and advice throughout your time at Abertay.

Support Services

Everyone needs a bit of help once in a while. Whether you're struggling with the academic work or dealing with a personal problem, taking advantage of Abertay's free support services is the smart thing to do.


There’s plenty of free support available to help you get a handle on the academic side of university life, such as proofreading services and advice on where to start with your course assignments.

Personal and practical

Our counselling and mental health services are free to all Abertay students.

Going to university may be the first time you've lived away from home. Being homesick and finding it difficult to settle in are totally normal feelings. Most people go through this at some point. If you're struggling with any element of university life, our Student Enquiry Zone in the library (SEZ) should be your first port of call. Pop in or email the Student Enquiry Zone. They can arrange to speak with you in confidence.

Advice on funding, budgeting and what to do if you get into debt is also freely available.

For more, see Student Support and Services

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