The Maggie’s Penguin Parade

Penguin Parade with a special AR Application, Fri 29 June – Sat 22 September.

The Maggie’s Penguin Parade

The Maggie’s Penguin Parade is in full swing, and we’re delighted to be hosting a fantastic example by Whimsical Lush (aka Abertay alumnus Suzanne Scott) called 'Maggie and Fleur'. In addition to the excitement of our own penguin, we commissioned two of our students, Rishikesh Lokare and Naman Merchant, to produce a free-to-download augmented reality app to bring 'Maggie and Fleur' to life!

Go to the app store and download 'Fleur's Wonderland'. Available for IOS and Android. 

Come and check it out in front of Abertay Library!

Maggie & Fleur designed by our very own Abertay graduate Suzanne Scott