Love Drugs: The Workshop with Brie Code

Love Drugs: The Workshop with Brie Code

PLATFORM presents Love Drugs: The Workshop with Brie Code

Humans have two stress responses: fight-or-flight, involving adrenaline and dopamine, and tend-and-befriend, involving oxytocin or vasopressin and opioids. In the first half of this workshop we’ll discuss what tend-and-befriend is, how it works, how it feels and how to use it in game design. We’ll discuss what it means for game progression and introduce a set of specific mechanics that can leverage it. In the second half, we’ll discuss your games and brainstorm specific ways to integrate tend-and-befriend, considering both the core loop and any potential side content.

Friday 16th March

12:30pm for a light lunch, workshop 1pm til 4.30pm

Location: Unit 6, The Vision Building 

20 Greenmarket 

Dundee, DD1 4QB 

Tickets are required, available on Eventbrite 

We expect this event to reach capacity so please let us know if you have a ticket and can no longer attend. 


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