Generation ZX(X) is part of NEoN Festival 2018


Date: Fri 4 May

Time: 7:30-10:30pm

Location: Camperdown Park

Come to Camperdown Park to celebrate Dundee's ZX Spectrum heritage, the video games born out of it, and the women who made it all happen.
Generation ZX(X) brings together live performance and oral histories with video and arcade games.
Download an app onto your phone and go on an audio journey around park as you listen to the memories of the women who built the first computers. Work/play on the assembly line and make new friends, or even discover old ones, as you explore the park and its secrets together.
The event is a thank you to the ladies of TIMEX who, through their labour and often overlooked contribution, gave Dundee a new future: the video game industry.
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