Weave History


Weave was born out of the work of the Hannah Maclure Centre, a unique cultural facility created to facilitate annual art happenings, exhibitions, community and digital events on Abertay campus. With a focus on showcasing Dundee's diverse local culture and experiencing Abertay’s broad research through a creative lens, the exhibition programme also brought new international work to a local audience.

The centre aimed to foster a sociable approach to experiencing art, film and performance. In addition to a unique gallery space, the centre housed a small-scale cinema and coffee bar that merged the social space directly into the programme, encouraging engagement, debate and creative ideas.

Recently, responding to a public consultation facilitated by Open Change, the team running the space has turned its focus outwards, with a view to making its programme of events and exhibitions more visible and accessible by taking the work off campus and into the city.

We continue to be very proud of the exhibitions and activities that we delivered at HMC and provide a selected overview of our past projects.

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