The Mother Load

The Mother Load

29th February – 15th April 2016

The Mother Load is a global network of women who have connected through the simple act of passing a name from one person to another, creating an elaborate community of women who are both artists and mothers. The project was founded in 2012 by Texas based artists Lesli Robertson and Natalie Macellaio in an effort to encourage dialogue and connection between women who balance artistic careers and motherhood, recording these connections and finding ways to share, collaborate and support each other in life and in work.

The Mother Load: Dundee was a collaborative project which brought together local and international artists and mothers, academics, research scientists, and young people to share experiences, participate in critical discussion, and create new works that addressed the many aspects of nurturing a creative life. Within this group show we shared artworks that explored these social structures, works which were enabled through community and connection and work which celebrated the individuals and communities that are the very fabric of these structures. 

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