Platform: A Round Up

Platform: A Round Up

What a year it has been!

Our monthly talk series, Platform, has grown in reputation and scale throughout 2018, and we have been encouraged so much by the attendance, conversations and connections that have been made through this series.

We kicked the year off with a brilliant, insightful talk by Florian Veltman of UsTwo Games – creators of the highly-acclaimed Monument Valley. The talk provided great inspiration for everyone participating in Abertay's Global Game Jam, January 2018.

Throughout the year we had many unique and fascinating talks (plus some workshops and performances) from game designers, artists, sound designers, curators, academics and more. Check out the links below to learn more about our contributors.

Our final talk of the year was from Pixar Lead Technical Director, Michael Frederickson. It was a truly incredible presentation about creating a sense of awe in animation, and how this can impact on our perception of new and surprising encounters in our everyday lives.


Check out the incredible work of this year's contributors

John Harris – Artist/Illustrator:
Gibson and Martelli – Artists:
Brie Code – Game Designer:
Sarah Brin – Curator:
Yann Seznec – Artist and Musician:
Luci Holland – Composer and Orchestrator:
Niall Moody – Artist and Game Developer:
Biome Collective – Artists and Designers:
Kate Smith – Head of Division, School of Social and Health Sciences, Abertay University:
Creative Dundee – a platform for amplifying and connecting the city:
Florian Veltman – Game Designer:
Michael Frederickson – Lead Technical Director:

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