Electronic Arts duo Gibson/Martelli

PLATFORM presents a talk by Electronic Arts duo Gibson/Martelli

Wednesday 15th November 2017

Location: Avery & Co.

British electronic arts duo Gibson/Martelli make live simulations using performance capture, computer generated models and an array of technologies including Virtual Reality. Artworks of infinite duration are built within game engines where surround sound heightens the sense of immersion. Playfully addressing the position of the self, the artists examine ideas of player, performer and visitor – intertwining familiar tropes of videogames and art traditions of figure & landscape.’

‘Gibson/Martelli’s hybrid practice transcends the disciplinary boundaries that separate dance, film and contemporary art…In their work reality and fantasy are both staged as competing or complementary illusions.’
D. Surman ‘Performance In Disguise: Notes on Gibson/Martelli’

Platform presents - Gibson Martelli

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