Digital Disobediences: Artist Tim Guthrie

PLATFORM presents Digital Disobediences: Artist Time Guthrie

Thursday 21st September 2017

Location: Avery & Co.

First talk as part of Platform: Talk, Share, Connect.

Artist/Activist and Filmmaker Tim Guthrie will speak about his work in this the first artist featured as part of Abertay University's Platform series.

Tim Guthrie is an interdisciplinary visual artist and experimental filmmaker based in Omaha, Nebraska, USA. Guthrie directs the Museum of Alternative History - a response to efforts to change education curricula around the United States to reflect “Intelligent Design”. He recently created the #MakeAmericaBarfAgain Donald Trump barf bags which he has been surreptitiously distributing to airplane seat backs since the election. (Barf bags will be available for free at this event!)

Platform Tim Guthrie - Make America Barf Again

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