Susana Woitzik - #photographyunitesbymone

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Mentor: Susana Woitzik

Course: Marketing and Business

Project: #photographyunitesbymone (translated from German: #fotografierenverbindetbymone)

After Germany went into lockdown, my mum (@simonesevenich on IG), who is a professional photographer, started posting daily photography tasks (picture 1) on Instagram to inspire and unite people with the same passion. Between the 16th of March and the 18th of April, using the hashtag #photographyunitesbymone, people could post a picture with their version of the task. Afterwards, everyone was able to vote for their favourite picture (picture 2) and everyday, the picture with the most votes was crowned "picture of the day" (picture 3).

What was your favourite thing about working on this project? While my mum obviously came up with the photography ideas, I was the one posting them on her Instagram, taking care of the voting process and crowning the winners. I loved creating multiple Instagram stories everyday and seeing how much people appreciated the inspiration during these hard times.

What inspired you to make this project? My mum is a self-employed photographer and the Corona crisis has had a huge effect on her business - she can't run her photography classes as she normally does, people are not coming into the studio to get their pictures taken etc.. I've helped her with her social media work a lot in the past and it was important to both of us that she would stay relevant and still connected with people. As a Marketing student, I have learned how to engage with customers and potential consumers online and how to build a social media presence. Being able to use this knowledge to support my mum's business means a lot to me.

3 Images from Susana's Mum's Instagram Page. Documenting the voting process and showing the winning picture of a river view.

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