Niamh Loughran - 'From Paris to Berlin' : Remote Working in the Video Game Industry

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Mentor: Niamh Loughran

Course: Game Design and Production

Project: 'From Paris to Berlin' : Remote Working in the Video Game Industry 

Remote working is a practice that is growing in popularity due to the increasing access to technology and software. Through digital platforms, we can work from anywhere and can work with anyone across the globe. What does this mean for the Video Game Industry? Can we compare the experience of remote working with other industries to better understand the risks that follow the practice? This study applies practice-led research and company case studies to better understand remote working in the perspective of video game development, something which has yet to be explored in specific detail. 

What was your favourite thing about working on this project? I think I learned a lot from doing this project and, in particular, a lot about the game industry. It's a great feeling as the project is really topical and can help people understand how the current situation of the pandemic can affect the development of games. 

What inspired you to make this project? When I made the decision to work on this topic, it was before Covid-19 had started to emerge from China, and at that time I saw remote working as a new and interesting trend in the game industry and something that I could research and study further. Now, with most of the workforce working from home, remote working has swallowed the nation, and we are going to realise more about it than ever before. Being on the fore-front of historic changes in the workplace has really pushed me to deliver on this project.

The Front page of Niamh's Project featuring a picture of a globe and the introduction page with a definition of remote working.

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