Lee Hutchison - Illustrations of Comic Book Characters

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Mentor: Lee Hutchison

Course: Computer Arts

Project: Illustrations of Comic Book Characters

I drew Hellboy because I wanted more experience at drawing things outside of my comfort zone. I also wanted to experiment with different art styles, brushes and to get better at digital art.

I am also currently in the middle of a project where I draw different versions of Batman. This is because I want to find my own style and to get better at drawing the human body. It is also worth pointing out that Batman (artistically) is very malleable so not only could I gain experience from drawing the human body but also ghosts, vampires and monsters (as Batman has been portrayed as all three), all while looking at lighting and shadows to get the effect I want. This was the latest version of Batman which I had drawn however I thought the black and white version looked boring, so I took the colouring tricks I had picked up from the Hellboy picture and applied them here.

What was your favourite thing about working on this project? I really like the pencilling stage. This is when the artist sketches what the finished piece is before making set decisions i.e. where the final lines, shadows and colours are going to go. There is usually lots of iteration during this process. The goal here is not to create something which looks good but feels good.

For the Batman drawing the inking stage was my favourite. After the pencilling stage, the work is then inked which are the black parts to show line work and shadows. Of all the characters, Batman is easier to draw because with very little work it can still look like Batman so one has to find a good balance between lighting and shadows to get the desired outcome.

What inspired you to make this work? I was inspired by Mike Mignola’s artwork because it is unique, and I wanted to find out why, so I drew Hellboy (Mignola’s own creation) in his signature style. I found it quite beneficial as I have used that methodology and carried it forward.

I have always been a fan of Batman and I have been drawing him for years. I had recently discovered the Batman: Black and White comic series which was a series created by the greatest writers and artists in comics as a tribute to Batman. I was inspired by that series to create artwork which served as a tribute to the artists and of the Batman character. It also came with a great opportunity to improve my skills.

Lee's stylised and graphic drawings of Hellboy and Batman

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