Jann Andre Fjelde Mjoen and Samuel Chaba - Intertwined

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Mentors: Jann Andre Fjelde Mjoen and Samuel Chaba 

Course: Game Design and Production

Other team members: Davide Beercock and Camryn Tuliao

Project: Intertwined

Intertwined is a game about repairing the communication between two houses on a floating island. In order to achieve this, you must roll a ball of twine between the two houses. In Intertwined you control the floating island and not the ball of twine. You can rotate the island in any direction in order to make the ball roll to its destination.

Download and try out out the latest version of Intertwined here!

Intertwined was developed as part of the Global Game Jam 2020. This event was a lot of fun and I highly recommend taking part in a game jam, there are lots of benefits! You learn a lot about different topics in game development that you might not have done before. This experience is even better if you join with your friends.

We are updating this project over time, you can find us under @PenGame_Studio if you would like to follow our progress!

What was your favourite thing about working on this project? Jann - My favourite part of this project was definitively the social aspect of this event. I got to work alongside friends to create a product that I am extremely proud of having made. I also got the chance to walk around to check out all the interesting projects the other teams were making during that weekend. 

Samuel - My favourite thing about working on this project was having the ability to work alongside all the people (my teammates as well as all the other people working on the Game Jam) with which we shared the same goal, the same struggles, and the same passion for games. We all were all facing the same challenges and we were all focusing our creative energy into creating something we could call our own. This made me feel like we all shared some kind of a bond and the whole place was buzzing with creativity. 

What inspired you to make this project? It is very common for game jams to have a theme. This was also the case for the Global Game Jam. The theme this year was “Repair”. We spent some time brainstorming ideas. We took some inspiration from a communication method where you speak through two tin cans that are connected with twine.

Two screenshots of the game Intertwined. 1st picture showing a snowy floating island connected to a sunny floating island. Second picture of a larger green and sunny floating island with a ball of twine on it.