Claire Monaghan - Foetography

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Mentor: Claire Monaghan (3D Artist/UI Artist)

Course: Computer Arts

Other team members: Brentton White (Producer), Fergus Coyne (3D Artist/Level Designer), Lee Esplin (Programmer), Austin Flynn (Programmer), Bethany Wilson (Animator), Jose Manuel Mateos Martinez (Animator) and Garen O'Donnell (Game Designer)

Project: Foetography 

Foetography is a fast paced couch competitive game where you must snap photos and photobomb players to collect points and win. Use banana peel and smoke bomb power-ups to interfere with your opponents, and make sure to keep an eye out for special events happening in level to score even more points.

This is a student project I worked on alongside a team of seven other students from across various disciplines such as computer arts, game design, and computer applications development. We've been working on it since January and it's great to see what we managed to accomplish since then.

What was your favourite thing about working on this project? My favourite thing about working on the project was trying out a new style of art. This project followed a different workflow than I normally use as we were focused on using simple shapes and colours. This was to achieve a fun and cartoony look for the game. We had to do a few art tests early in development to work it out, but creating the art in a new way was a lot of fun.

What inspired you to make this project/work?  The main inspirations for this project were photography and social gaming. I believe photography is an underutilised mechanic in games, and I'm only aware of a few games that actually use photo taking as a core mechanic. Pokemon Snap, Spirit Camera and Fatal Frame would be examples of this. I also wanted to explore social gaming. I have a lot of fond memories of playing games with my cousins and brother when I was younger, especially sitting around the tv playing together or sharing controllers. This was before online gaming was as huge as it is now, so I wanted to create the feeling of sitting together in real life playing with each other. I thought a photography mechanic would be great for this, and as it is a non-violent mechanic that would be great for opening the game up to families.

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