Zena Christison

Emotions of Doubt

This short clip of animation focuses on conveying emotions in non-verbal characters to encourage empathy in audiences. Using appropriate facial expressions and body language will make the characters more relatable. Mixing the core emotions and enhancing them using cinematography, I want the audience to relate to how the characters feel.

The reason for my focus was the belief that it would improve my animating skills and understanding of how emotions are expressed effectively. This is leveraged from Ed Hook’s idea that emotions are “an automatic value response” and that subtle differences can be the defining factor of connecting to an audience or losing them.

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Project info

  • Developer Zena Christison
  • Showcase year 2020
  • Programme Computer Arts
  • Project type Animation

Emotions of Doubt

A short clip of an animation designed to connect to audiences by encouraging empathy through the emotions of non-verbal characters.

“Emotions of Doubt” is a 2020 Digital Graduate Show project by Zena Christison, a student at Abertay University.


I believe that looking into expressing emotions, understanding how we relate to them and how they are read would improve my animating skills.


“Emotions of Doubt” is a 2020 Digital Graduate Show project by Zena Christison, a Computer Arts student at Abertay University.

Full list of rigs, model and art credits available here.

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